Monday, September 29, 2008

I'll Love you Forever

WE were just reading the book, and here's Kawai's rendition, so cute:

Kawai's Princess Series

Can you guess which princesses these are? Her favorite one is Pocahontas.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Natural Bridges in Santa Cruz

Kawai and Mana with our friend Stian. Watch out for your speakers, there was a lot of wind....

What age can kids cross the street alone?

At what age can kids cross the street by themselves? I found myself confronted with this yesterday. Robb was on his way to pick up Kawai from the busstop, but the bus was a few minutes early and had already dropped her off. Luckily a family that lives near the busstop was waiting with her. We live less than a block from the busstop, but you have to cross the street to get to our house, and I'm not ready for her to do that. But what age can she do that?

food pyramid and the alphabet

Kawai learned about the "food triangle" today in 1st grade. She asked me why water isn't part of the triangle, but milk is. Good question.

The other day we were spelling people's names together. Then she asked me "What if the person's name begins with a letter that isn't in our alphabet?" I told her "all letters are in our alphabet" and she replied "wow! I didn't know that." I find it very interesting to get a peek into how kids think.