Saturday, February 26, 2011

Hawaiian Birthday Party at Pacheco

Mana was asked to perform hula for her class for the February birthday party yesterday.  Robb was able to come to the classroom and play for Mana while she danced.  She had a fun time dancing and singing for her whole class (red and purple classrooms), and everybody got up and learned to dance a hula with her.  We're proud of our Mana. She's not shy to do it alone!  The rest of us would have wanted to come to her party but Alani and Kawai were not feeling well so I stayed home with them.

Mana with Maestra Hernandez, Mrs. Collins, and the 3 other February birthdays

Mana getting ready to teach the class hula

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Long Beach Cuzzins

When we were in Riverside last week we were so happy to be able to drive to Long Beach one night and hang out with the Kiaha-Nuhi cousins and their dogs.....The kids had so much fun playing at Ulu's house.  Thanks Ulu and Koa and Sis!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Mission Inn Riverside

We had a great opportunity last week to stay at the Mission Inn for a work conference.  Robb did such a great job entertaining the kids while I was in the meetings.  They had a blast exploring the historic passageways and Cinderella doors and pathways and staircases, and moving clocks, and THE POOL.  We managed to have the pool to ourselves the majority of the time, and the hottub as well. It was a saltwater pool, so we floated nicely. 

Anu testing out the temperature of the hottub before taking the plunge.
Kawai and Anu loved doing MotorBoat in the pool together.

Mana and Alani loved hanging on to their daddy.

The view from our window. Well, not exactly.  It was a view from an upper courtyard. There are snow-capped peaks in the distance.

Mana was so entranced by the fairy-tale-like architecture.  She was a little scared of the "ghosts" when we were creeping around at night.

Anu has learned how to pose.

Little Goose, posing her best.

I don't know how Robb managed to take this photo, since I was not around.  He must have quickly run around the corner before Anu started crying.

Anu was actually wearing shoes other than his cowboy boots!  Amazing!

The girls would be happy just living here at the Mission Inn. Actually I would be too. I really missed it as we drove away. It was so fun living there for 4 nights and having a sort of communal feeling with the other archaeologists and architectural historians around the state.  We were next door to our good friend Paula and just down the way from Tom, and a few doors up from CMAC.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Canoga Park cousins

I met my first (half) cousin Darin via facebook!  And we finally got to meet this weekend.  Our girls and the Ganitch girls got along great, and the little boys did too.  We hope to visit again with them soon.  They are such a sweet family.
 Mana, Jade and Jett
 Kawai and Juliette
 Jett, Kristen and Darin
Jade, Mana, Kawai, Juliette

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Red Dirt night

Great night as always with Na Hoa Aloha playing live Hawaiian music at Red Dirt Coffe House tonight. Mana tried out her ukulele there.

 Maestra Hernandez, Mana's beloved Kindergarden teacher, came and helped Mana sing a song and saw her doing hula.
 Kawai and Mailani, the awesome hula dancers.
Me and my little boy, watching his beloved Daddy playing music, and strumming that magical instrument.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The Help

Well, we wish we could hire help.  A cook would be nice.  A cleaning lady would be even better.  And a robot to fold the laundry and put it away would be the best.
But, lucky for us, we have a big helper named Kawai. She is 8 years old (well 8 1/2, if you must know).  She can take care of her little siblings, allowing us to do the things like fold the laundry and cook.  She is especially good with her little brother Anu.  She can pick out his clothes, change him, brush his hair, get on his shoes, feed him, entertain him, snuggle him to sleep, and more. 
So last Friday we got the call from Pacheco that Kawai was getting an award at the assembly.  We normally try to go to these things, but last week was crazy with Robb's food poisoning, we both had to take time off work. So by the time Friday came, I was really behind at work and I just couldn't take any more time off. In fact, I have already zeroed out my sick leave for the month, and Robb has zeroed out his for the entire year (and it's only January!).
Kawai came home and reported that her award was for the value of "helpfull".  Pacheco knows her well. 
I just got an email from a co-worker whose kids also attend Pacheco.  Thanks to Brandy, she took a photo of Kawai receiving her award.  I am so thankful!  Brandy's camera is way better than mine, and I would have never been able to capture such a quality image where you can actually read the words on the certificate and identify the child, all at the same time!  Thank you Brandy!  And thank you Kawai, our wonderful helper.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Happy Birthday Misses Mouse

Mana turned 6 just like that! Because it's just a month after Christmas, it sure sneaks up on us fast. With Robb getting awful food poisoning just a few days before, we were lucky that we were able to pull off a great birthday evening for Mana. She was upset at first that she had to go to school on her birthday and to go to kempo after I got off work, but then when the time came, she was just so excited to do anything! We offered to take her to Quiznos for dinner because she's been begging to take us there ever since she went there with a friend on a playdate. Since we didn't exactly have time or the ingredients to make a cake, we stopped in at our friends' new cupcake shop and picked up yummy birthday cupcakes to celebrate.

Mana has been beggin for real roses, and my wonderful friend and co-worker, along with Auntie Kelly, brought in fresh roses from their gardens just for Mana. She was thrilled.
She loved all her wonderful gifts from family. I was also so impressed with her ability to let all her siblings attack her presents and take over. She even shared her Toblerone bar with them. Alani did extremely well. Never once did she cry asking for presents for herself. I think it helps that we keep telling her her birthday is in 2 months.

The greatest surprise to Mana was the arrival of her Elfquest picture, by my artist friend from 6th grade, Ivy. Her elf name is Katana, and Ivy did a wonderful job capturing Mana's spirit without ever even meeting her. Thank you Ivy!!!