Monday, December 17, 2012

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OK, this blog ran out of picture space.  So please see my new blog:

Monday, November 19, 2012

Bye Bye big screens and entertainment center

Who needs a big old tv screen and a big ol entertainment center anymore?  Who invented those things anyway?  They just take up space in the living room.  Ok, I have a story about who built the first tv, but I will save that for another day.

How about a bunkbed and an ipad?  Way cozier to watch from your pillow anyway. You can adjust the ipad to hang from whichever pole you'd like.  And there's always room for one more.

Family time, I mean Backyardigan time!  Somehow Keanu always gets to watch his favorite show.  I think because we all like to hear him say that he's "Plablo".

Baby loves to grab on to the bunkbed and try out his new razor sharp teeth against some metal (ouch, that's worse than fingernails on the blackboard).

Superman and his superbaby.  One day I'm sure they will both be wearing capes and flying all over the furniture.  As it stands, the big Superman gets to fly around and baby just laughs and laughs.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Baby's words: "Ca...."

I don't think it's officially his first word, but Koa says Ca... to the cat now.  He is very intrigued with her and always wants to grab her fur. Lucky for Kona she's a manx, or else there'd be tail in Koa's mouth all the time.

Koa turned 8 months old in the middle of a very sick household.  Crossing my fingers as I type this, but Koa is the only one who didn't get sick.  Robb and I got a terrible Strep throat (I vow to NEVER get it again in my life!) and after one week I am still recovering.  From natural home remedies of apple cider vinegar, to antibiotics that gave me hives, to Zpak, we are slowly making a return to normal life.  Hopefully just in time for Robb's bday celebration next week, and his mom's visit and Thanksgiving, our household will return to it's vibrant, happy self.

Koa, I will get some pictures soon of you trying to crawl. So far that is your 8-month milestone - the strong desire to crawl, accompanied by the frustration of not knowing what to do about it except push ups.

Saturday, November 10, 2012

From my past, for our future

I grew up in a beautiful home with a nice front porch at the top of 33 stairs.  As long as I can remember, we had this black cast iron table and 4 chairs.  My parents often spent their cocktail hour at that table, in the evening light.  I remember hot evenings where my older sisters and parents would sit there, talking way into the night, crickets chirping below.

Occasionally we would bring our dinner out to that table.  I remember that because I was in charge of setting and clearing the table, and it was further to go with dishes.  Since we had 6 in our family, not all of us could fit around it in those 4 chairs, but me and my twin would squish side by side into one, and an older sister might sit on the steps next to the table.

On special occasions my grandmother, who was older than 80 when I remembered her, would brave the giant ascent, with cane in hand, and two people supporting her weight.  When she reached the top, the first thing she did was plop into one of these inviting chairs, and catch her breath.  That is when the orange cat usually tried to jump into her lap.

I honestly don't know how long my parents had this old set, or where they got it, but all I know for sure is we have had it for a good 8 years or longer ourselves. They have moved a few times around the neighborhoods of San Luis Obispo.  Never have we thought of ditching them, because they are just so classic and so useful.

Recently I have realized how perfect the chairs are for a little boy who is not walking or crawling yet, but loves to be outside, and loves to hang on to things.  And they are also perfect for all kinds of messes - food spills?  paint spills?  bubbles tipped over?  No problem!

Thanks to these wonderful pieces of my family, and my kids are making memories with them too!

Sitting here on the chairs with Koa.  I love how deep they are, so he cannot really lean forward and tip off, the way he does inside the house.  Kona, the cat is very excited to finally get some human attention. The only problem for me is that when I'm sitting between a KOA and a KONA, I get their names mixed up!

I love this picture of Koa because it shows 2 things about him at this age that are very fleeting. First, note the hands. He is doing is  flapping his wings gesture, meaning he wants to be picked up.  Second, look at his little lip.  That is the ultimate sign that upper teeth have just broken through the gums and he's trying to figure out what on earth they are!

And I quick snapped this one today.  This is a classic example of what happens when Kawai is home.  Since she's our oldest, and now practically a "tween", she is gone a lot.  From sleepovers, to girl scouts, to whatever, she is not home all that much. And she is so much fun!  Here she has instigated a science experiment for her sibs, and they all put on their safety glasses (gotta love those goggles for the pool).  Not sure what was created but I see milk, salt and other stuff in there.

Friday, November 2, 2012

Our Halloween

Halloween left just about as quickly as it came. I realized if I don't get pictures up now, I won't ever remember what people dressed up as this year.  It was one of those years where I really felt that we shouldn't have to spend money just to dress up. I remember my parents' rule: go to the attic, open the red wooden trunk and find a costume.  It was always so fun. We'd trade off each year who got to wear the green witch mask, or the red devil mask with trident.  So that is what my kids did. Except we don't have an attic or a trunk. But they went into the toy room, opened the tupperware, and picked an outfit.  The witch dress Alani picked out made me smile. We did buy that about 5 years ago at the thrift shop, and I think it has been used all 5 years.  Definitely got it's money's worth.

And the funniest thing was that Keanu, the 3 year old, picked out a pirate costume, which I made for Kawai only about 2 years ago. I didn't want to tell him it was too big, because he seems completely fine with it.  As long as he was happy, that's all I cared about.  So, here is how it all ended up.
First off, here's a shot from Halloween 2010.  Recognize any costume?
Here's everybody waiting for Kawai to get home so we can get started on trick or treating!

Yay finally Kawai and Isabella showed up.  Ready or not, here we come!

Check out this pirate.  He's got the big costume I made for Kawai when she was 7 or 8. But he's got an earring,.  Awesome!

Mana is wearing a poodle-skirt and vampire teeth. Any guesses?  Yup, she's a 50s vampire.

And Alani, my beautiful witch.  This costume rocks.

And my adorable baby pumpkin. Recognize this in the top picture, except it was being worn by a blue-eyed boy  then.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Pumpkins, pirates, vampires, and earthquakes

It's fun to see the Halloween spirit hit our house. I feel those excited feelings that I once had as a kid.  The anticipation of those few hours where the entire city, or country for that matter, all mingle in a way we would never otherwise do on a regular day.  It's actually kind of funny to think about how easy it is to talk to strangers when they are dressed in costumes.  And how strange it is that we go knocking on strangers doors asking for them to give us stuff for free!  One day, I bet, this won't even be the norm.   Or the feelings when the winds pick up, swirling the leaves everywhere, and joy just hits you for no apparent reason.

I promised the kids we'd decorate really nice this year, because last Halloween we were preparing for a move to our new place and had no time or energy to deal with it.  It was so cute to watch them working together to set up the fake grave stones and skeletons and other dollar store goodies (I know, they won't last until next year).  In fact, the day after we set up the 4 grave stones on our lawn, we woke up to find only 2 left.  Neighbors kindly returned them to us over the next few days, thanks to those October winds.

And it wouldn't be October without an earthquake, right?  The 5.3 quake that hit last weekend sure woke me up.  The rattling of the bunkbeds set my heart racing, as I thought back to the many many earthquakes I survived as a child living between both the San Andreas and Hayward Faults in Berkeley.  My husband, and children, unaware of the quake, slept on and on, while I sat up, almost paralyzed, trying to figure out how to get 2 of my children down off their bunbkeds in case a larger quake was about to hit.
I finally woke my husband up in a panic, hoping he would help bring the girls down, but instead he logged on to the ipad and started listing all the aftershocks, which were coming every second. OK, I thought, at least we aren't feeling those.  And facebook was kind of entertaining, as I realized I had friends from all over the central coast awake at the same time.  And somehow I fell back to sleep.

October gets really busy and yesterday I realized if we didn't hit the pumpkin patch, we might just never even find time.  Robb was working, so I braved the Avila Valley Barn, with about 2,000 other souls in the 85 degree heat.  Sorry to Koa, I didn't take all those cherished "my baby's first halloween" pictures.  I get sort of claustrophobic around crowds, and without another adult to help with the pictures, I just knew they wouldn't happen.  I was able to snap a few shots of the kids in the "photo sets" they have placed about the farm.  Unfortunately we were there early enough that the kids were all blinded as I made them smile at the camera. Sorry about that, guys!  But at least we have a few shots for the memory book.  Well, er, I mean, this blog.

I'll get pictures of the crew in their costumes on Wednesday. And once Wednesday comes, we can prepare for the holidays!  Yippie!

Koa got to drive the hay wagon!

The corn maze was really fun, but since Anu was leading the way, we never quite made it to the exit.  We seem to be better at going in and out of the same door in these things.

I forgot I had kept Anu's pumkin costume when we was one.  So we were going to put Koa in a panda bear costume from my co-worker. But at the last minute this pumpkin outfit appeared out of the tupperware, and I had to put Koa in it.  At 7 months he fits it just fine.

The shadows are actually pretty cool in this picture, but sorry to the kids for getting blinded in this one also.

Hula in October!

Red Dirt Coffee House, one of our favorite Hawaiian hang-out spots, puts on an annual hula festival in October in the Village at Arroyo Grande.  My girls got to perform some hula, both auana and kahiko, and Robb's band, Na Hoa Aloha, played music.  Other hula groups came to the area to perform as well.

My kids love hanging out with Chelsea - an awesome volleyball player from Hawaii who plays on the CalPoly team.  She is the role model for my girls.

Koa hanging with Cindy, one of our favorite people - the wife of  Ric, a bandmember in Na Hoa Aloha

Robb catching a delicious bite before he performs

The keiki almost ready to perform some kahiko chants and hula




Alani and Keanu , doing some hula and blowing the conch