Sunday, May 23, 2010

Tie Dye experiment

I finally got to experiment a little this weekend. I can't wait to do some more, I was just trying to figure out the different patterns you can make. I want to make peace signs and hearts, but haven't attempted that yet. I don't know what it is about tyedie that I love so much, but it brings back good memories of growing up. We did some cool tiedying for our Cross-Country team in high school, and it sort of became our uniform. That was a lot of fun.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The crawler and the climber

Mana's been the climber since she was 9 months old. At 9 months she was climbing our entire staircase. Now she likes to climb up the bannister and slide down it.

Anu on the hunt for catfood in the yard. He's going to be our next climber, I predict. He's got 2 weeks until he's 9 months. He made it up a small set of stairs on Sunday. He will probably make it up our stairs in the near future.

Mini Kiaha reunion and Farewell

Cuzzins Ululani and Robb
Mahina patiently listening to Mana's wild stories
Kawai loves this dog Ku'i, she wants one so badly

Ka'iulani with Ku'i and Kawai

Saying by to Uncle Kawika, on his way to Hawaii

Kiaha-Nuhis visiting Kiahas

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy happy mother's day

This shot shows Anu's eye color. Blue with a circle of green/brown in the center. Oh, and he's a crawling boy. all over the place.
Kawai is Anu's 2nd mom. Can you tell? He cries when she leaves for school.

Kawai got a shot of us because my wiliwili lei matches Robb's purple tie.

Here's the lei they made me this morning. Wasn't that sweet?

This mother's day was awesome. The girls and Robb made me a purple wili wili lei to wear at church today. There was an awesome foodfest at church for the women only. I got some delicious chocolates and fine cheeses and fruit, in a room full of roses and live piano music. Dinner is going to be a special meal prepared by Robb, topped off with a coconut cream pie. Kawai made all kinds of cool stuff at school for me, plus a bracelet and necklace at the Packard's for me. Mana cut out some paper roses for me and Goose made me some drawigs. And I got photos of Anu in his new basketball outfit. I couldn't ask for anything more! Oh, and I got the Wii fit plus! Time to play some soccer, or do some yoga. We've been waiting a long time to finally get one of these!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Fashion Show at SLO High

Mana, as a Tiny Tiger, got to be a part of the SLO High School Fashion Show tonight. Here she is getting ready.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Clementine Rose Photo shoot

Alani did this photoshoot in March. Gina Maxine Oh of was getting models for an online clothing store Clementine Rose, and approached us at a park. Kawai and Mana were very jealous of Alani, because they would love to do this too. But she needed a 3 year old and Alani's coloring was what she was looking for to contrast with the blonde/blue eyed 19 month old boy who was modeling the boy outfit.