Wednesday, October 13, 2010


OK, so I am not anything close to an artist. Tonight Mana asked me to draw a picture of her as an elf. I was so proud of the face. Something about this face looks like Mana! That is why I am posting this rather embarassing drawing. Mana's elf name is Sparkle Diamond Shootingstar.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Our Favorite Pumpkin Patch

Anu got his learner's permit for his birthday, so we let him drive us to the pumpkin patch. He's a little short so he just climbs up the steering wheel so he can see better.

Alani wasn't too happy that she had to be in the pumpkin, but that was the only one she could reach.

Some nice stranger offered to take our picture. It was a guy that offered, but then his girlfriend was the one who ended up taking the photos. Funny.

Alani thought we were lost in the corn maze.

Keanu liked picking out his pumpkin, but mostly enjoyed teething on the wheelbarrow.

The girls always have to go in the "jail" even though they are a tiny bit scared to do it. This year they added some creepy rats to the outside and Anu was scared in there. It's always our youngest that is scared in that jail.

My cutie pies in the corn teepee.