Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Soy Un Hijo De Dios

At last, the video I have been waiting to post for a few months now, is here!

Robb and girls performance in 3 languages

Last July Robb and Kawai and Mana did a musical number at church.  We got a copy of the video from Jackye and are so happy because our video we made did not work out well.
This is the hymn I Am A Child Of God, arranged by Robb and Kawai and Mana into 3 different languages.
I was proud to hear them do this.

Friday, November 18, 2011

A peek at the baby

We had our ultrasound at 22.5 weeks.  We got to see this little guy's face.  We are so excited to meet him in March.  He was moving all around during the ultrasound.  I had no idea how active he is since I only feel kicks now and then.  He kept on opening and shutting his mouth and the bringing his hands up to his mouth.  It was cute.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Halloween wouldn't be complete without...

a visit to our favorite local pumpkin patch - La Familia Pumpkin Patch on Los Osos Valley Road.

Every year there is a fight over who gets to be what in this frame, but it always ends up with the youngest as a ghost.
This year most of the kids were brave enough to enter the JAIL - I wasn't though...too many real spiders for my taste
Taking a rest in the cornmaze...which way from here?
Alani the fearless leader will find the way out! And she did!
P.S. - I posted these photos and more a week or so ago and blogger was acting up and never saved my post - so, this is about all I can post at this point although there were a few more cute ones, but my patience with the uploader is not terribly long.

Halloween catch-up

Once again, it seemed like there were a lot more Halloween activities than just Halloween itself.  I think the kids actually dressed up for 3 different events within that week, including two Trunk Or Treats and then trick or treating in the Arbors neighborhood with the O'Neals.

Getting ready for Trunk Or Treat at church

Witch, Corella De Vill, Pepper and Salt (Kawai's friend Erin)
Our trunk decorated at Trunk Or Treat
Our 4 Jack O Lanterns - notice Anu's pirate on the right
Anu was a puppy, and on his own decided to be a Vampire Puppy - luckily he got a set of teeth while Trunk Or Treating, to complete his outfit!