Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Utah's finest archaeologists and paleontologists

While we were visiting Utah, we were able to hook up with our friends the Loosles. Byron is the reason that I am an archaeologist today.  He was my mentor starting in 1994.  Good thing we saw Byron this decade, because he's about to become historic.

Marie, Byron me and the blondes.  Unfortuantely Kawai got a bad stomach and couldn't meet with us at Frogurt. She missed out on a good treat...they even had Coconut frozen yogurt!

We took a drive down to Price, UT to check out our old town we lived in 11 years ago.  We stopped in at the CEU Prehistoric Museum.  Although it's displays could use a little help, the excavation interactive displays were worth the entrance fee.

The Utahraptor likes Hawaiians

My 4 paleontologists

We stopped at Soldier Summit on Highway 6 to let the kids make a snowball

It was raining/snowing on us a little, so we didn't stay long in the snow

Ohana - Kiahas, Kois, Tulafales, Teos, Palus

Wela's farewell was on Sunday.  He will be serving 2 years in Honduras.  All the family went to church at Wela's ward and then we got some family photos.  Some of us wanted to take pictures at Temple Square, but it was kind of rainy so we opted for the brick wall outside of the chapel. 

Getting ready for pictures

Some of the kids were ready

All the grandkids - from UT Sacramento and SLO

Uncle Wela and all the kids

Just da boys

Just da girls

Everybody look here!

More Temple Square

We got to spend time in some of the buildings at Temple Square, including the Joseph Smith Memorial Building, the North Visitor Center, the Tabernacle (where we got to hear a guy playing the organ and it sounded so beautiful).  Also we had a very long "short" tour of the Conference Center and got to feel how comfortable the seating is and see how amazing a building is that can hold 20,000+ people and have no beams on the inside, so no view is blocked, no matter which seat your are in.

Kawai's got Saturn on the tip of her fingers

Some nice man offered to take a picture of us and Lina with the huge Cristus in the visitor center.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Salt Lake City Temple Square

We took a trip to Utah for Spring Break.  We had a great time staying with Kapali in Riverton.  One day we got to take Masalina with us to check out Temple Square.  The kids had never been there, and it had been 10 years since Robb and I have been.  It was pretty fun to look at all the architecture.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Stats for the 6 year old and the 4 year old

Mana - 6 years old
Height: 46 1/2 in (75%)
Weight: 45 lbs (50%)

Alani - 4 years old
Height: 41 in (75%)
Weight: 35 lbs (50%)

Last Saturday was the annual Easter Egg hunt with church.  Poor Alani didn't get to make it, she had come down with the flu.  Mana and Kawai invited some friends to the hunt. It's always a blast at the Jones' fun yard.

Mana being such a good big sister...helping brother with collecting his allotment

Ellie, Kawai, Isabella, Mana, Tekuru having fun

Tekuru, Mana's kempo buddy

Alani was happy to get a crown from Tiny Tigers on her special day, just 1 day after her birthday.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Visit with Ganitch cousins - more photos from February

Kristin doesn't claim to be a photographer, but I was impressed with her photography skills.  Here are some pictures she took from our visit with them in Canoga Park in February.

Mana girl had so much fun at the park

Alani loved playing on the slide

Darin, Jett, and me

Mana and Jade

Mana and Anu (the twins)  swinging together

Us - thanks to Kristin for taking it

Ganitch and Kiaha families all together! Jett, look at the camera!

Friday, April 8, 2011

Someone turned 4 on 4/4

Our littlest girl isn't so little anymore. I can't believe she just turned 4 years old. To celebrate, we went up to Berkeley to see MorMor and Grandfather.  Also to pick up a new bunkbed at Ikea, so we will have a little more floor space in the kid's room.  We had a lot of fun in a very short amount of time, and got to see my friends from my past along with my parents. It was such a great trip!

Alani the 4 year old

Grandfather stopped by for a visit

Kawai and Zoe at the park - a nice surprise visit with the Parkers!

The steps behind Coordonices park - the kids wanted to keep on going up and up
Parkers and Kiahas in the tunnel to the Rose Garden

My 2 boys

Birthday dinner with Mormor and Stian

The Birthday Girl getting her hat on
Celebrating with a wonderful dinner by Mormor

Grandmother and Granddaughter

Indian Rock at Sunset with the famous Antarctic explorer Stian!!

The Sunset over the bay
Chilling on the Rock

Mormor and the kids