Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Utah's finest archaeologists and paleontologists

While we were visiting Utah, we were able to hook up with our friends the Loosles. Byron is the reason that I am an archaeologist today.  He was my mentor starting in 1994.  Good thing we saw Byron this decade, because he's about to become historic.

Marie, Byron me and the blondes.  Unfortuantely Kawai got a bad stomach and couldn't meet with us at Frogurt. She missed out on a good treat...they even had Coconut frozen yogurt!

We took a drive down to Price, UT to check out our old town we lived in 11 years ago.  We stopped in at the CEU Prehistoric Museum.  Although it's displays could use a little help, the excavation interactive displays were worth the entrance fee.

The Utahraptor likes Hawaiians

My 4 paleontologists

We stopped at Soldier Summit on Highway 6 to let the kids make a snowball

It was raining/snowing on us a little, so we didn't stay long in the snow

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