Sunday, December 28, 2008

La Purisima Mission

We had a fun time roaming the many rooms of the La Purisima Mission near Lompoc yesterday with my mom and my and sister and her family.
The girls had lots of fun running around with their cousin Lance.

Kawai wants to camp inside this Chumash house.

And she enjoys sleeping by the fountain.

Alani loved running from room to room.

So many places to climb and sit.

Alani loved having MorMor and Auntie Kelly hold her.

Mana's really been into Mary this Christmas season, so she was pleased to pose in front of some Mary paintings.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Happy Christmas Eve

Can the kids wait any longer for opening presents??? No. But they must wait until tomorrow morning. They rode the merry go round at the Mission today and they talked with Santa. Santa asked if they have a chimney and that was smart, because we do not, but Santa assured them he has other ways of getting in.
Mana told Alani today "Alani I want you to be a Hello Kitty".

Also when we were downtown today, every time we saw a UPS truck Alani would yell "Daddy?" Of course it never was him, but he was driving a UPS truck in north county. And riding his bike.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Thanks Walmart

Check it out. I just picked up Kawai from school tonight, and I asked her who's jacket she was wearing, since I didn't recognize it. The Sun 'n Fun teacher told me, "it's hers." I was thinking that was odd, who would have given her such a big, nice jacket. Well, turns out Walmart donated a new jacket to each Pacheco student today. They even got to pick out which one they wanted. Kawai's is so nice, it has a liner that zips inside, and a really nice, furry hood. She is sooo excited, she only had sweatshirt jackets. And with the cold we've been experiencing in SLO, this was good timing!

Sunday, December 14, 2008


While I'm on a roll about Mana: The other day when auntie Kelly and Uncle D. and Lance were over, and the kids were playing with the mini nutcrackers, Mana suddenly asked, very concerned, "Do Nutcrackers have ears?" We all looked at the hairy headed wooden men, and told Mana, "No they do not."

Mana hasn't been that much into nutcrackers since. Do you know why?

Because Mana has the craziest ear fettish ever. She loves ears (of all kinds - even animal ears)!!!!!!She calls ears "laulaus" and "jockos". She needs to hold ears in the night, preferably Daddy's. You hear her in the night, calling out in a worried whisper, "I need ear!!!"

Last week at the park

My honey wearing a jean jacket for the 1st time since he bought it at least a year ago. It fits him much better now!

Does this remind you of Dr. Seuss's Daisey Head Maisey?

A few more from my Xmas shoot

I had to put a few more on. These are the best pictures of the girls that I've gotten of them in a while.
I like this one because it shows big sister Kawai's talent at helping sister get ready for the photo.

This one shows the cute side of Alani. Many of the photos we get show her "stink eye" expression, but I promise, she can be a sweet, silly girl at times.

This one shows that they really all do get along so well.

Can you tell Alani thinks her big sister Kawai is her mom at times?

Christmas songs

For those of you who know Mana, you wouldn't be surprised at her version of "Jingle Bells". She's a "spritely" girl, who's language has always been very unique. This is the way she sings the song..."Flashing through the snow, in a one horse open sleigh..."

Another Mana thing she had me laughing about. She touched my eyelashes the other day and said "these things look like creepy spider legs". She's our crack-up child, very much an Aquarius, doing things her own way...

This photo is an example of her wacky personality. She thinks this is a pretty pose.

Today at church they made a Christmas craft, putting together foam angels. There was a shiny gold halo you glue on the head. Then there was a long gold staff that you glue in her hand. Well, what did Mana decide to do? She glued the long staff to the top of the angel's head, coming out of her head like a horn. Only Mana would come up with that.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Xmas pics

I had a fun time trying to get some shots of the girls for my Xmas photo. Boy was it a struggle to get Mana to match Alani and Kawai's pink/brown/black combination. This was the best we could get her to put on, since she refused to put on the cute long sleeve shirt that matched better. Also, I was planning on getting them on the bear fountain at the mission on Sat. morning, only to discover it was surrounded by a craft faire. But the front door of the mission served a good background, it turned out. This was the best I could do, considering I was all by myself. Robb was busy driving for UPS and couldn't help me and I realized that I don't have much time left...

Thursday, December 4, 2008

All gone in one big snip....

After growing it for 1.5 years, last night Robb asked me to cut it off - all in one big snip. Wow, how many times have I thought how fun it would be to snip off a huge amount of hair. After I did it I felt like I was counting coup as I held his scalp in my hand.....Kawai photoed the event, with our NEW camera!! Thank you mom for the early Christmas present!!!!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

I feel sneaky when...

OK, I just thought this was too cute not to share. Kawai feels sneaky when she sneaks a cookie. And she feels excited when she goes camping in Santa Cruz - see the nice tent in the redwoods?

You know you're a mom when

You know you're a mom when you can't find a comb as you are hurrying out the door to drop 3 girls off at the busstop and school, so you use the next best thing to part your hair: a screwdriver! Works great!!