Sunday, December 14, 2008

Christmas songs

For those of you who know Mana, you wouldn't be surprised at her version of "Jingle Bells". She's a "spritely" girl, who's language has always been very unique. This is the way she sings the song..."Flashing through the snow, in a one horse open sleigh..."

Another Mana thing she had me laughing about. She touched my eyelashes the other day and said "these things look like creepy spider legs". She's our crack-up child, very much an Aquarius, doing things her own way...

This photo is an example of her wacky personality. She thinks this is a pretty pose.

Today at church they made a Christmas craft, putting together foam angels. There was a shiny gold halo you glue on the head. Then there was a long gold staff that you glue in her hand. Well, what did Mana decide to do? She glued the long staff to the top of the angel's head, coming out of her head like a horn. Only Mana would come up with that.

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Jenna said...

Hey Krista! The pics of the girls are so adorable! We miss you all so much!

If you want to check out our new blog, it is

Have a Merry Christmas! Please pass on our hellos to everyone!