Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Thanks Walmart

Check it out. I just picked up Kawai from school tonight, and I asked her who's jacket she was wearing, since I didn't recognize it. The Sun 'n Fun teacher told me, "it's hers." I was thinking that was odd, who would have given her such a big, nice jacket. Well, turns out Walmart donated a new jacket to each Pacheco student today. They even got to pick out which one they wanted. Kawai's is so nice, it has a liner that zips inside, and a really nice, furry hood. She is sooo excited, she only had sweatshirt jackets. And with the cold we've been experiencing in SLO, this was good timing!

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Arya said...

That is a nice jacket & it has been stinking cold here lately. Those Christmas pictures are super cute too.