Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Happy 4 Months KoKo!

Koa is 4 months old today!  Wow that went fast.  He's such an adorable addition to our household.  All the kids adore him and are great at keeping him laughing and entertained.  He still loves being bounced on the exercise ball. He loves chewing on everything and loves to be outside.  His eyes get huge when he sees new things.
This was his first time holding the book.

These are his "big eyes" when he is excited about something new.

Koa got a surprise today.  Wendi Bennett made him this quilt!  It is absolutely amazing.  What a great 4 month present for our Koa!

Sunday, July 15, 2012

How to get a chubby baby out of the Bumbo chair

Step 1: go to the baby
Step 2: lift the baby up
Step 3: keep on lifting
Step 4: oops maybe this isn't working
Step 5: put baby down and try again
Step 6: pry one leg out of the bumbo
Step 7: pry the other leg out of the bumbo
Step 8: gently lift baby up
Congratulations, you did it!

A visit to Morro Bay

The kids helped me make a Kokopelli out of sand - he usually is found on rock, but we did it  with shells and rocks.
Alani enjoyed seeing Lance and Haley on their canoe in the bay - the passed right by us when  we were eating at Giovanni's
Koa's first time looking at the otters in the bay
Mana's excited because she has ballet class later on - she won a scholarship from school to attend Ballet
Darin and Jett - our cousins who were visiting from LA

June happenings

Koa our sweet guy
Love those thighs!
Aunt Cynthia came for a visit on Father's Day
Eating Father's Day icecream treats on the lawn...does it look like Koa can sit up? Don't be fooled, he's in the bumbo chair.
Daddy and his boys on Father's Day
Daddy and his flock on Father's Day
Two boys on a couch - one eating Ritz crackers and the other one wishing he could

Yahoo 4th of July!

We had a great time hanging out at our friend's house in Arroyo Grande for the 4th of July.  We love their place out in the country with so much outdoor stuff to do.  And lots of animals too.
Mana wants her own bow and arrow now!
Koa seemed to enjoy the fireworks at the cul-de-sac. He never even cried at the noise!
Anu was brave, and with a little help from sis, was able to do his own sparklers.
Love hanging out at Linda's house.  Such a relaxing place to be....no matter how many kids or animals.  Can you guess what is in Kawai's lap?  Just one of their many critters.