Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Soy Un Hijo De Dios

At last, the video I have been waiting to post for a few months now, is here!

Robb and girls performance in 3 languages

Last July Robb and Kawai and Mana did a musical number at church.  We got a copy of the video from Jackye and are so happy because our video we made did not work out well.
This is the hymn I Am A Child Of God, arranged by Robb and Kawai and Mana into 3 different languages.
I was proud to hear them do this.


Kawika-Joe Howard said...

This is AWESOME!! Nuff said! :-)

reddirtcoffeehouse said...

I love it! And thank you again Kiaha family for inviting me to sit in and enjoy your congregation-Jackye