Saturday, November 12, 2011

Halloween wouldn't be complete without...

a visit to our favorite local pumpkin patch - La Familia Pumpkin Patch on Los Osos Valley Road.

Every year there is a fight over who gets to be what in this frame, but it always ends up with the youngest as a ghost.
This year most of the kids were brave enough to enter the JAIL - I wasn't though...too many real spiders for my taste
Taking a rest in the cornmaze...which way from here?
Alani the fearless leader will find the way out! And she did!
P.S. - I posted these photos and more a week or so ago and blogger was acting up and never saved my post - so, this is about all I can post at this point although there were a few more cute ones, but my patience with the uploader is not terribly long.

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