Saturday, November 12, 2011

Halloween catch-up

Once again, it seemed like there were a lot more Halloween activities than just Halloween itself.  I think the kids actually dressed up for 3 different events within that week, including two Trunk Or Treats and then trick or treating in the Arbors neighborhood with the O'Neals.

Getting ready for Trunk Or Treat at church

Witch, Corella De Vill, Pepper and Salt (Kawai's friend Erin)
Our trunk decorated at Trunk Or Treat
Our 4 Jack O Lanterns - notice Anu's pirate on the right
Anu was a puppy, and on his own decided to be a Vampire Puppy - luckily he got a set of teeth while Trunk Or Treating, to complete his outfit!

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sararenae said...

Hey...that trunk looks familiar ;-)