Sunday, October 28, 2012

Hula in October!

Red Dirt Coffee House, one of our favorite Hawaiian hang-out spots, puts on an annual hula festival in October in the Village at Arroyo Grande.  My girls got to perform some hula, both auana and kahiko, and Robb's band, Na Hoa Aloha, played music.  Other hula groups came to the area to perform as well.

My kids love hanging out with Chelsea - an awesome volleyball player from Hawaii who plays on the CalPoly team.  She is the role model for my girls.

Koa hanging with Cindy, one of our favorite people - the wife of  Ric, a bandmember in Na Hoa Aloha

Robb catching a delicious bite before he performs

The keiki almost ready to perform some kahiko chants and hula




Alani and Keanu , doing some hula and blowing the conch

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Jamie Pearson said...

my mom said she saw you guys and said the girls did great.