Sunday, November 18, 2012

Baby's words: "Ca...."

I don't think it's officially his first word, but Koa says Ca... to the cat now.  He is very intrigued with her and always wants to grab her fur. Lucky for Kona she's a manx, or else there'd be tail in Koa's mouth all the time.

Koa turned 8 months old in the middle of a very sick household.  Crossing my fingers as I type this, but Koa is the only one who didn't get sick.  Robb and I got a terrible Strep throat (I vow to NEVER get it again in my life!) and after one week I am still recovering.  From natural home remedies of apple cider vinegar, to antibiotics that gave me hives, to Zpak, we are slowly making a return to normal life.  Hopefully just in time for Robb's bday celebration next week, and his mom's visit and Thanksgiving, our household will return to it's vibrant, happy self.

Koa, I will get some pictures soon of you trying to crawl. So far that is your 8-month milestone - the strong desire to crawl, accompanied by the frustration of not knowing what to do about it except push ups.


Jenn Kirk said...

Hope you guys recover completely in time for Thanksgiving! Strep is horrible!

kmk said...

Thanks jenn. Yes I learned the hard way about strep. Never again!!!!!