Saturday, November 10, 2012

From my past, for our future

I grew up in a beautiful home with a nice front porch at the top of 33 stairs.  As long as I can remember, we had this black cast iron table and 4 chairs.  My parents often spent their cocktail hour at that table, in the evening light.  I remember hot evenings where my older sisters and parents would sit there, talking way into the night, crickets chirping below.

Occasionally we would bring our dinner out to that table.  I remember that because I was in charge of setting and clearing the table, and it was further to go with dishes.  Since we had 6 in our family, not all of us could fit around it in those 4 chairs, but me and my twin would squish side by side into one, and an older sister might sit on the steps next to the table.

On special occasions my grandmother, who was older than 80 when I remembered her, would brave the giant ascent, with cane in hand, and two people supporting her weight.  When she reached the top, the first thing she did was plop into one of these inviting chairs, and catch her breath.  That is when the orange cat usually tried to jump into her lap.

I honestly don't know how long my parents had this old set, or where they got it, but all I know for sure is we have had it for a good 8 years or longer ourselves. They have moved a few times around the neighborhoods of San Luis Obispo.  Never have we thought of ditching them, because they are just so classic and so useful.

Recently I have realized how perfect the chairs are for a little boy who is not walking or crawling yet, but loves to be outside, and loves to hang on to things.  And they are also perfect for all kinds of messes - food spills?  paint spills?  bubbles tipped over?  No problem!

Thanks to these wonderful pieces of my family, and my kids are making memories with them too!

Sitting here on the chairs with Koa.  I love how deep they are, so he cannot really lean forward and tip off, the way he does inside the house.  Kona, the cat is very excited to finally get some human attention. The only problem for me is that when I'm sitting between a KOA and a KONA, I get their names mixed up!

I love this picture of Koa because it shows 2 things about him at this age that are very fleeting. First, note the hands. He is doing is  flapping his wings gesture, meaning he wants to be picked up.  Second, look at his little lip.  That is the ultimate sign that upper teeth have just broken through the gums and he's trying to figure out what on earth they are!

And I quick snapped this one today.  This is a classic example of what happens when Kawai is home.  Since she's our oldest, and now practically a "tween", she is gone a lot.  From sleepovers, to girl scouts, to whatever, she is not home all that much. And she is so much fun!  Here she has instigated a science experiment for her sibs, and they all put on their safety glasses (gotta love those goggles for the pool).  Not sure what was created but I see milk, salt and other stuff in there.

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