Saturday, February 26, 2011

Hawaiian Birthday Party at Pacheco

Mana was asked to perform hula for her class for the February birthday party yesterday.  Robb was able to come to the classroom and play for Mana while she danced.  She had a fun time dancing and singing for her whole class (red and purple classrooms), and everybody got up and learned to dance a hula with her.  We're proud of our Mana. She's not shy to do it alone!  The rest of us would have wanted to come to her party but Alani and Kawai were not feeling well so I stayed home with them.

Mana with Maestra Hernandez, Mrs. Collins, and the 3 other February birthdays

Mana getting ready to teach the class hula

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Amber said...

thats awesome, how fun! i love how dancing helps the little ones gain confidence to do things like that! way to go Mana! :)