Saturday, February 5, 2011

Happy Birthday Misses Mouse

Mana turned 6 just like that! Because it's just a month after Christmas, it sure sneaks up on us fast. With Robb getting awful food poisoning just a few days before, we were lucky that we were able to pull off a great birthday evening for Mana. She was upset at first that she had to go to school on her birthday and to go to kempo after I got off work, but then when the time came, she was just so excited to do anything! We offered to take her to Quiznos for dinner because she's been begging to take us there ever since she went there with a friend on a playdate. Since we didn't exactly have time or the ingredients to make a cake, we stopped in at our friends' new cupcake shop and picked up yummy birthday cupcakes to celebrate.

Mana has been beggin for real roses, and my wonderful friend and co-worker, along with Auntie Kelly, brought in fresh roses from their gardens just for Mana. She was thrilled.
She loved all her wonderful gifts from family. I was also so impressed with her ability to let all her siblings attack her presents and take over. She even shared her Toblerone bar with them. Alani did extremely well. Never once did she cry asking for presents for herself. I think it helps that we keep telling her her birthday is in 2 months.

The greatest surprise to Mana was the arrival of her Elfquest picture, by my artist friend from 6th grade, Ivy. Her elf name is Katana, and Ivy did a wonderful job capturing Mana's spirit without ever even meeting her. Thank you Ivy!!!

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