Thursday, January 27, 2011

Odds and Ends, Quilts and Tents

The girls had a great time helping MorMor cook meatballs and other delicious foods last weekend on our visit to her place. She has more patience (and room) in her kitchen to have three helpers than I do!

This is to prove to MorMor that Anu does love his Ikea tent that he got for Christmas. He didn't even mind that he turns red inside of it.

This is my latest quilt, made for a Hawaiian baby (Kawai's 3rd grade teacher's son) that will be born this week, but with no name yet. So instead of his name, I had to go with something sort of creative to write on it with my fabric pens and stencils, (my "Scrapbook Style" quilts), so I wrote Keiki Kane O Ka Lani (I hope it means Baby Boy from Heaven, because that's what I think it means...). (Does this paragraph have enough parentheses?)

The fabric I used was beautiful Hawaiian fabric leftovers from Kristina B. (thank you Kristina!) and soft navy blue fabric leftovers from when my mom covered these cute plush chairs for the kids (thank you Mom!), which we no longer have. Sad but true, they didn't last in our crazy household but a few years...Oh well, it's not good to get too attached to material things anyway, since you can't take them with you when you go.

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