Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The Help

Well, we wish we could hire help.  A cook would be nice.  A cleaning lady would be even better.  And a robot to fold the laundry and put it away would be the best.
But, lucky for us, we have a big helper named Kawai. She is 8 years old (well 8 1/2, if you must know).  She can take care of her little siblings, allowing us to do the things like fold the laundry and cook.  She is especially good with her little brother Anu.  She can pick out his clothes, change him, brush his hair, get on his shoes, feed him, entertain him, snuggle him to sleep, and more. 
So last Friday we got the call from Pacheco that Kawai was getting an award at the assembly.  We normally try to go to these things, but last week was crazy with Robb's food poisoning, we both had to take time off work. So by the time Friday came, I was really behind at work and I just couldn't take any more time off. In fact, I have already zeroed out my sick leave for the month, and Robb has zeroed out his for the entire year (and it's only January!).
Kawai came home and reported that her award was for the value of "helpfull".  Pacheco knows her well. 
I just got an email from a co-worker whose kids also attend Pacheco.  Thanks to Brandy, she took a photo of Kawai receiving her award.  I am so thankful!  Brandy's camera is way better than mine, and I would have never been able to capture such a quality image where you can actually read the words on the certificate and identify the child, all at the same time!  Thank you Brandy!  And thank you Kawai, our wonderful helper.

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