Saturday, February 19, 2011

Mission Inn Riverside

We had a great opportunity last week to stay at the Mission Inn for a work conference.  Robb did such a great job entertaining the kids while I was in the meetings.  They had a blast exploring the historic passageways and Cinderella doors and pathways and staircases, and moving clocks, and THE POOL.  We managed to have the pool to ourselves the majority of the time, and the hottub as well. It was a saltwater pool, so we floated nicely. 

Anu testing out the temperature of the hottub before taking the plunge.
Kawai and Anu loved doing MotorBoat in the pool together.

Mana and Alani loved hanging on to their daddy.

The view from our window. Well, not exactly.  It was a view from an upper courtyard. There are snow-capped peaks in the distance.

Mana was so entranced by the fairy-tale-like architecture.  She was a little scared of the "ghosts" when we were creeping around at night.

Anu has learned how to pose.

Little Goose, posing her best.

I don't know how Robb managed to take this photo, since I was not around.  He must have quickly run around the corner before Anu started crying.

Anu was actually wearing shoes other than his cowboy boots!  Amazing!

The girls would be happy just living here at the Mission Inn. Actually I would be too. I really missed it as we drove away. It was so fun living there for 4 nights and having a sort of communal feeling with the other archaeologists and architectural historians around the state.  We were next door to our good friend Paula and just down the way from Tom, and a few doors up from CMAC.

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