Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Potty training by herself

Well when Alani was born, Mana had just turned 2 and we weren't even thinking about pushing potty-training her, with a new sister and all. And since our only bathroom is upstairs, we weren't even too excited about thinking about how to potty train her. Well I'm excited to report that since the week she turned 3 (Feb 08), she decided she was ready for panties. And she was serious. Wow, how easy was that!!!!! Not even diapers at night time. I had heard about kids who decide to potty train by themselves, and now I know it can happen!

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nea said...

yayya mana! lala is a little older than she, but we just had potty excitement this week too. i think she had regressed a bit just prior to finn, so this is exciting. ah, the things other parents can appreciate. gooo, mana!