Sunday, May 11, 2008

Biker chick!

Yesterday Kawai was begging me to take her out on her bike. She has never really tried her bike without training wheels yet. I've never really had time to help her anyway. But last year we bought Mana a Skuut bike for her 2nd bday. It was too big for her, but Kawai caught on to it and for the last year has really learned to balance on it (it's a balance bike - no pedals). So I knew it was just a matter of actually getting Kawai on her bike with no training wheels and she could do it. Well yesterday was that day. I told her to pretend the bike was her Skuut bike, and just start pushing it along with her feet. And as she did, she started trying to get her feet on the pedals, and within 2 minutes, was biking! I never even had to hold on to the back of the bike.

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kmw said...

Way to go Kawai. We are so proud of you!!