Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Hoike show May 31

Well all the practicing for the big hula performance ('Ano'ai Ke Aloha - Greetings of Aloha) paid off. Kawai and Mana did great in their 7 hula dances. I have no pictures from the show, but I got some pics of them in some of their costumes the day of the show. Here are a few....

Ancient hula costume for Chant.

Maori outfits with poi balls. Mana could even do 2 poi balls at once!

My Plumeria Lei outfit.

These are my Yellow Birds. I was told this was one of the favorite dances by the audience.


Jenn said...

That is so cool. When I showed these pics to Ryan, he was all "Where's your culture, Jenn? You're the one supposed to be supplying our family with culture."

Lange Family said...

Look at those two little ladies!! I bet they had so much fun dancing and getting all dressed up, too cute!

Macon Family said...

They look great!