Friday, August 8, 2008

Names for Grandmother

The other day Mana's teacher at church was talking about families to the kids (3 yrs and under). She asked who has a grandmother. Mana looked over at me and said "mom, I don't have a grandmother, right?" I laughed and said "of course you do Mana, you have Mormor and Tutu". After I said that, I realized that no wonder she didn't know she had grandmothers. Mormor is the Swedish word for grandmother, and Tutu is the Hawaiian word for grandmother. I guess we never bothered to tell her that before!
Then when the teacher asked who had cousins, Mana smiled and said "I have cousins! Uncle Lanndyn is my cousin!" Then I had to explain to her that Uncle Lanndyn is actually her uncle, but she's got lots of cousins like Lance, Erik, Kahanu, Lina, Masi, Wayne, T.J. Tiara, and Heavani.

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