Saturday, April 18, 2009

Fun night at the Children's Museum

In case you didn't know, the SLO Children's museum has free admission every third Thursday night during Farmer's Market from 5-8. We plan on making that a monthly tradition. Mana was so thrilled with the stage and can't stop talking about it. Kawai hates the third floor (because you have to take the elevator up there and she has been traumatized about taking elevators. She was excited to see the sign says the 3rd floor is for ages 4 and under, so she is too old to go up there :-) She's worried because at the end of the month her class is taking a field trip there and she's afraid she'll have to go up there again.)


Kiwi said...

We love going to children's night at the museum. Maybe we'll see you guys next time.

Karen and Wade said...

this was one of our kids favorite places to go that was pre remodel still looks like a ton of fun!!!!