Monday, September 28, 2009

Oh the things that make us laugh

At what age do kids stop saying cute or funny things? I hope never. Here's some things the girls said yesterday that got us rolling:

Kawai (7 yrs old): We were discussing some pants she got as hand-me-downs, and Kawai asked me, "What does hammy mean anyway?"

Mana (4.5 yrs old): After finishing up some popcorn, Mana brought a handful of unpopped kernels to us and asked "Can we plant a popcorn tree?"

Alani (2 yrs old): After getting hurt, she drank some water and then told me "This water feel me better"


nicola said...

so cute!
i love that header, by the way!

Alice said...

I love what kids come up with on their own. Way too cute! Popcorn trees should totally be real!!! lol