Sunday, August 29, 2010

Hauoli La Hanau e Keanu!

My little boy turned one today!!!! Isn't he just a little blonde version of his dad?

I tried to capture all the kids with their dad. This is about the best I could do. In all the other shots someone was either going cross-eyed or not looking at the camera!

Thanks Auntie Carolyn and Erik. He knew just what to do with this cute wooden car when he opened it (or when the girls opened it for him!)

Anu sitting on his cute Ikea quilt that I bought it for him for his birthday (because everytime I see it at Ikea I fall in love with it, so this time I decided to just get it). And thanks to the Wilsons for his Mater and helicopter. He knew just what to do with those.

Thanks MorMor for his awesome train rider. As you can see, he's really into getting "inside" of things, so he's managed to fit himself into the little lid of the seat.

And we made him a cookies and cream icecream pie for his birthday. He decided to forgo the fork and just eat with his hands. That's my boy!

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Joe and Monica DuPaix said...

I can't believe your little boy is one! wow, he is sooo cute! what an awesome family you have. i miss you guys lots! i hope you are doing great----monica