Sunday, September 12, 2010

Star Farms fun and big girl haircuts

Alani's first haircut (besides when she cut it herself to look like Daddy, and when Tani had to snip gum out of it).
Mana showing off her new haircut and her new Zhuzhu pet "Sweetie" that she bought with her saved up money. Anu wants a zhuzhu pet so badly, he just hold it in his little hands, and touches the nose (which makes loving sounds) and says "nose". And he loves the wheels on the bottom. There's something about boys and wheels I've noticed.....

We had tons of fun at Star Farms 2 weekends in a row for 2 different activities. This is a manmade lake in the middle of a farm in Paso Robles. It's like Hawaii in the valley or something. We love it here. I got a chance to take the kayaks out and give the girls a little lesson on how to hold the paddle.

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