Tuesday, May 31, 2011

May: Fashion shows, hospital visits, kangaroos and more

It's taken a while to finally post.  We got a malware attack on our computer and that took a while to take care of partially because right after that Anu ended up being admitted to Sierra Vista again for breathing problems, and our lives got put on hold for a time.  But finally we have the time to get some pictures posted.

Mormor came to visit for a week and Aunt Cynthia was able to visit for a night.

Alani dressed as Princess Jasmine for the Tiny Tigers Fashion at the High School

Kawai did an excellent report and presentation on Kangaroos and we got to watch
Anu had to stay overnight at Sierra Vista for breathing problems

This time he wanted to wear the baby tigger gown

Alani dressed up for 50s day at Tiny Tigers

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