Sunday, July 3, 2011

End of school year update - Kawai

June got so busy that I didn't have a chance to post all the fun things that were happening. Since every kid seemed to have some things to post about, I am posting about each kid individually.    Here's what Kawai's been up to in June.

On June 3, Kawai's Brownie Girl Scout troop had a bridging ceremony as they moved up to the next level.

Kawai playing ultimate on her team

Pacheco Ultimate Frisbee Team, which Kawai had such as blast being part of this year.
Kawai's 3rd grade put on a play called "Vacation to Mars". Kawai's role was Mom and she did a great job, her parts were in 2 languages.

Kawai and her friends Erin and Sarah after the play.  Good job girls!

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Nicola said...

K, Did she just turn 9?

Your kids are gorgeous. They sort of alternate..."Robb," "You," "Robb," "You." :)