Wednesday, August 24, 2011

He's all boy

When I first had a boy, everyone was asking me if he was different than the 3 girls. For the 1st year I couldn't really say any differences.  But now that he is almost 2, I can say that for sure he's different.  His favorite things: soccer ball, basketball, baseball, football. Anything with the word ball in it.  He usually picks a tshirt only if it has a ball on it, especially a soccer ball. 

The other day he picked up a frisbee at the park and threw it to me perfectly.  He loves action.  Movement is what he loves.  He's recently taught himself to do a somersault and does them uphill even.  I recall a lot of time spent working with the girls to get a somersault perfected.  Not this kid.

Although he loves action, he also loves to draw.  He really enjoys making shapes on the page and seems pretty coordinated for a boy, but what do I know!  He also seems attuned to weapons.  We don't have weapons in the house but I predict it won't be long before weapons appear somehow.

His talking has advanced a lot during the summer. He went from words to sentences.  We pretty much communicate verbally with him about everything. He is so cute when he talks. We all love to hear what he says.   All the girls love their brother so much.
Anu peeking out the cabin window at Angora

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