Monday, January 16, 2012

Sports, sports, sports

Kawai's basketball league started up just before Christmas.  It's fun watching her learn to play and do pretty well at it.  We love that we have a basketball court at our new home. And Mana is so happy, we finally have a tennis court.  She has always wanted to play tennis, we're not sure why.  So, we finally got some kids rackets and we all went out to play.
Kawai is number 5 on team Liberty.  It is an 8-9 year old team, all from Pacheco.

Our little sports guy, he's happy with any kind of sport.  He's taking right to tennis already. Although anytime he throws a ball, he throws it like he's pitching a baseball and lifts his leg.

Our happy tennis player.  Since her grandpa Bob was an excellent tennis player while in the service, we expect that Mana will be quite good too (:-).

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