Sunday, February 5, 2012

Kaimana tiene siete anos

Mana turned 7 in the middle of winter, but she wondered why it felt like summer.  It was the 100th day of school and it was 75 degrees that day here in SLO.  Usually it rains on her birthday, and we have to cancel her parties, which we've always had at the park.  But not this year!  We have a house big enough to actually host a few kids over, so that is what we did. She had a movie and pizza party and invited 7 of her Pacheco buddies over.  She really enjoyed it.

Mana got her rollerblades as an early birthday present, along with a new helmet.  Thanks Mailani for the hand-me-down skates!  She's been using them for the past month, and went from knowing nothing about skating, to being able to skate to our park solo.

She loves the nice smooth paths in our complex, but for some reason the kids also like to go cross-country.

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