Sunday, April 29, 2012

What? you cut my boy's hair?

Anu's hair has been growing for 2.5 years.  The longer it gets, the harder it is to think of cutting it.  But it's also hard to manage, especially when we don't have time to make it in a braid.  So, Robb finally caved and let me trim it a bit the other day. I just felt like I needed to, even though that first snip of golden curl from the back of his head was painful to me.  I did it mostly because it was hard for me to hear strangers saying "you have 4 girls and one boy!" and I would have to explain that Anu is a boy.

This is how long his hair was when it combed it down wet and straightened it.  He was such a good boy for his first haircut, he just sat there on the rice bucket and didn't even move!
Right after the haircut he was happy and ready to play ball.
It doesn't really curl this much, it turns out. It just looked that way the next day for some reason.


sararenae said...

I really struggled with cutting Brayden's hair for the first time, too, because I knew his beautiful curls wouldn't grow back. But, now I love his big boy hair cuts and we have had three since! He looks very handsome!

Austin and Jennifer said...

It is SO CUTE!!! I love the way you cut it and the length!! They are getting big so fast!! :)