Thursday, January 24, 2008

Alani's size

Alani had her 9-month checkup today (although she's almost 10 months now).
weight: 20.0 lbs (70%)
height: 28 inches (70%)
head circumference: 46 3/4 cm (over 100%z0


tamiz said...

Fun, fun. I love seeing how the kiddos measure up. I'm glad you joined the blogging world.

nea said...

how does she compare to her sisters? i can't help compare finn and lala at the same age. started lighter and longer and already at 1 month was shorter and heavier than she was at 1 month of age!

krista said...

I guess having 3 girls, it makes it easier to compare them...Kawai was the largest, alwaysnear the top of the charts, Mana was always the smallers, always at the low end of the charts, and now Alani is right in between at about 70% ish. So, everyone's right when they say "she's a blend of her sisters"

Nathan P. said...

You must have pretty good biceps Krista. Our little Zoe just weighed in at under 21 lbs, at her 18 mo checkup! She's comfortably in the bottom 10% for height and weight, but happy there. I'm not sure where all that food goes.

Keep up the great pictures!

Lange Family said...

All your girls are getting so big!!!they are such cuties, what are you going to do when they all hit the teen years??!!