Monday, January 7, 2008

Puddle jumping

It was back to school day for Kawai after 2 long weeks off. As I stood at the busstop watching her standing in line as the bus pulled up, I noted that there was a large puddle between the curb and the bus, and all the older kids ahead of her in line easily jumped the puddle and hopped on the bus. I started to worry when I realized how much bigger these kids are than she is, and would she be able to jump the puddle completely, or would she get wet on her first day back to school? I felt a lot was at stake. But I was so proud of her, as she stepped back and gave it her all, just making it across the puddle, and then on to the bus. Not once did she look at me for help, she did it all by herself.

Mana was waiting for us in the car, so she didn't get to see Kawai's puddle jump. But I told Mana about how great Kawai did at jumping the puddle as I drove to Mana's preschool. When I got her out of the car, she asked if she could jump the puddle like Kawai did. So at the top of the stairs I found a little puddle just her size, and showed her where to jump it. She stood for quite a while, and then at last, did a big leap and made it across her puddle. Then she asked me if I would tell Kawai that she jumped a puddle too.

As I continued on my way to work, I felt proud of them both. It's these little things that somehow mean more to you as an adult than you ever would have imagined.

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nea said...

it is all about the little things, isn't it? nicola