Monday, July 27, 2009

Newest creations

I made my first t-shirt, patterned after my favorite Old Navy maternity t-shirt that they don't seem to carry anymore. Yes, I'm very much a novice. I sewed the arm holes shut once, I sewed one of the sleeves upsidedown, and finally, trimmed them to match, luckily they weren't too short. The original sleeves were more standard t-shirt length. But in this weather, I think I'm glad I messed up.
We had let Kawai buy this Love tree scarf that she loved from the $2.00 store in Solvang above the crazy 99 cent fabric store. All 3 girls love this scarf so much, and luckily I realized I had bought some similar jersey material from there for my tshirt. Here is my attempt to make Mana her scarf, copying the Love Tree. Stenciling is way harder on this type of fabric I found out.

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JesseJames said...

Wow I am sooo impressed. I think a shirt would be hard. Way to go it looks great. Oh and tell kawai good job for jumping of the diving board.=)