Sunday, July 5, 2009

Paisley sorcerer

Kawai loves paisley. She picked out this retro brown/orange paisley fabric when we went to Solvang on Friday to the 99C fabric store. Then I opened my cute little hippie sewing book which has inspired me to try to sew clothing for the 1st time. Kawai picked out the "sorcerer top" and I attempted my 1st shirt ever. And it fits her!! Kawai loved it so much she wore it on 4th of July even though it's not the right colors. She says it's her favorite shirt.


RGW said...

It's awesome! If you ever fancy making one in a bigger size......:0) Sewing clothes is so much fun!

Kiwi said...

I love how the shirt turned out. I still need to check out the $0.99 fabric store in Solvang. I have yet to attempt to sew any shirts. That looks like a doable pattern. I'll have to borrow it sometime.

tamiz said...

I love that fabric! I'd like to do my living room curtains in that!