Tuesday, November 23, 2010

This land is your land

Mana chose to be a pilgrim at the Thanksgiving feast in her kindergarten class. Isn't she the happiest pilgrim you've ever seen? The singing was so cute too. They sang This Land is Your Land, in both Spanish and English, along with some other songs. Mana had requested that we bring her favorite dish, mashed potatoes and gravy, to the feast. So, like a great daddy, Robb was able to make that in the morning and he cleverly packed the potatoes and gravy into little containers with lids. I could not have pulled that off as well as he did. The teacher said that the kids could go home early with their parents after the feast, and Robb was prepared to bring Mana home with him. But, of course, she chose to stay at school for the rest of the day. She loves school so much, she says it's funner than home!

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