Sunday, December 5, 2010

Thanksgiving in Phoenix and Hohokam huts

We got to drive to Phoenix for Thanksgiving to see Tutu and Lanndyn and Grandpa Lorenzo. The girls had fun visiting the Pueblo Grande Museum in downtown Phoenix. It is an archaeological museum which contains the remains of real Hohokam ballcourts (the Hohokam were the only group outside of Meso America who had such large ballcourts for a game they played). It just so happened that I wrote my senior thesis at UCSC on the Hohokam Ballcourts, so I like to visit them in real life.

The girls are standing above a ballcourt. Thousands of people would have been lined up along the edge of this court to watch the games.

Everyone loved spending time inside a reconstructed Hohokam apartment. In fact they said they'd prefer to live in that apartment than our condo! They are following after their mother's heart - I always wanted to go back in time and live in prehistoric conditions.

Me and my clan outside the Hohokam apartments.

Anu loved the Hohokam artifacts such as this bowl, but especially the gourd and seedpods.

If only we had some marshmallows, the girls would have wanted to make s'mores here.

Daddy and Anu standing in front of one of the ancient Hohokam irrigation canals. They had extensive and impressive irrigation system which allowed them to grow cotton among other things in this dry desert.

Uncle Lanndyn surrounded by some of the kids including little 6 month old cousin Blaze from Tacoma Washington.

Tutu with her 4 grandkids from SLO outside their house. And Tutu, your hair looks beautiful.
Kawai begged for cornrows, so I did them on thanksgiving day. Little did I know they would last over a week! It was worth the investment of time since no brushing was required for a whole week.

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