Saturday, September 22, 2012

Our big guy turned 3

Our big dude is 3 now.  He has been waiting a long time for a spiderman mask and glove.  And he was extra excited to get some good avengers toys from dad.  We found out later that he threw the glove away because it was too big for him.  It made cool spiderman sounds and stuff.  Silly guy!!!!  We love you anyway, Anu boy.  He turned 3 and potty-trained just in time for the beginning of the school year and to start up at the Tiny Tiger preschool.  Yee-haw!!

Anu wearing the "new birthday hat" for the birthday child.   The fringe looked like his hair in a certain angle, it was hilarious.  He made his sisters sing the spiderman theme song for him. 

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