Sunday, September 30, 2012

Respectful times two, deja vu

When we got the call from Pacheco elementary Thursday night that both Kawai and Mana were getting awards at the award assembly, I had to laugh.  Last year they both got awards at the 1st assembly of the year.  It was serious deja vu.  So I was able to take some time off work to go to the 9:45 one and see Kawai and Robb got to go see both (he had gotten sent home from work that day - when UPS is overstaffed in robots, they get to choose who goes home).

I laughed even harder when they announced what the virtue of the month was: Respect.  That is exactly what they both got last year.  Different teachers all around however.

By the way, we are still so happy with the school they are attending, Pacheco Elementary.  They love their teachers so much and also they are doing so many fun things as well as learning.  Kawai said the other day (as she listened to me practicing Spanish from a CD) "I don't remember how I learned Spanish".  Silly girl, she's been learning it since Kindergarten, but it's just immersion, so you don't really have to try, the way us adults have to.  It's kind of embarassing doing the lessons in front of her, but after I drop her off at school, and continue the CD on my way to work, I miss having her there next to me in the car, because she corrects me along the way.

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