Saturday, May 16, 2009

99 cent fabric in Solvang!!!!!!

I was so excited to take Robb with me yesterday, since he's great at cutting and folding large items, (it makes you feel like a light failure as a mom when your husband can fold anything like it's on the shelf at the Gap) to the crazy 99 cent Fabric Barrel in Solvang. If you like sewing and you live on the Central Coast, it's worth the hour drive. They sell all their fabric for 99 cents a yard, and they have four rooms full of loads of fabric, and they do get new fabric in weekly. All the proceeds go to charity. You actually cut the fabric yourself and then pay at the cafe, all on the honor system.

If you want to check it out, it's located at 435 1st st. in Solvang, phone number 693-5000, right next to the Rabobank. The fabric store is located in the rooms next to the Shelbi Ranch Cafe which are owned by the same folks( They are only open Friday through Sunday 9-5. I found that a Friday was better than a Saturday because parking was no problem.

This time we decided to try the cafe food as well. Wow, definitely worth it. Burgers, hotdogs, grilled cheese, egg salad sandwiches, all are $1.00 and were quite tasty. And their homemade icecream shakes are only $2.00. Definitely worth the price!

Check out the fabric I scored. This was 24 yards. Should last me a while. I was focusing on fabrics for boy blankets this time, but couldn't resist a few girls fabrics that they had. Several of these are Robert Kaufman material.


Kristina said...

Nice! You know you never have enough fabric!

JesseJames said...

I'm so jealous i wish we had a place like that over here. Maybe sometime when i'm back in SLO i can take a trip and then go home with an extra suitcase full of fabric

the van den Eikhof family said...

Thanks for sharing. I am going to have to check out that store soon.

Jenn said...

Thanks for the tip!! We have an upcoming service project for Relief Society and I need lots of fabric!