Thursday, May 7, 2009

Alani's 2 year old stats

As we suspected, Alani is a heavy girl, weighing in at 28 lbs, 3 oz (75%) and she also grew to 35 inches (75%). She no longer needs whole milk, the Dr. says. Of our 3 girls, she is the heaviest yet at 2 years. Man, Mana's 4 and only weighs 4 more lbs than Alani. We also found out that the strange circles on her tongue are a genetic condition which Robb also has called "geographic tongue". It's not a harmful condition, but it could cause your tongue to be sensitive to certain foods. It makes your tongue look like a map with topography on it, and the topography moves around a lot.


The White House said...

What cute girls you have!

I have geographic tongue also. People look at me sideways when I tell them about it. Not many people have heard of it. It is quite uncomfortable at times- citrus foods (which are some of my favorites) tend to be the worst offenders for me. I find that if I eat yogurt and take probiotics regularly, it stays pretty well controlled. I hope it is not too big of a problem for Alani (or Rob for that matter).

nicola said...

i am SO behind on commenting! big changes for you! congrats congrats on your pregnancy! kelda said you two have swapped genders this time! and bye to preschool return of robb at home...big changes!

as for alani's weight 17 mo, finn is right behind her on weight. and lala, at 4.5 is 10lbs heavier than mana! so, big isn't bad at all! :)

RGW said...

You have such a cute brood there! Sweet girls, they're so going to dote on their baby brother!