Sunday, May 31, 2009

New bikes

New bikes, almost, for everybody!
Kawai's new Specialized Hotrock -has handbrakes and gears-thanks to Freecycle!
Mana's new bike with training wheels, thanks to Kawai for outgrowing it.
And Alani on her trike, thanks to Mana for outgrowing it.

Robb's new cruiser, thanks to Craigslist.


april said...

where's rob's helmet?? ;)

kmk said...

Hey he actually ahs a helmet but I didn't make him put in on for the photo! But I'm proud of him, he wears it just for me, when riding to and from work.

JesseJames said...

Wait where is Krista's bike? I love freecycle it is so great. Yeah to Rob for riding to work!!