Saturday, May 23, 2009

capture that sentence

I don't usually have funny things to write down about Kawai's sentences anymore (kinda sad). But today's was a good one and I still remember it. We had went to the Labyrinth by Sycamore Hot Springs and the girls decided to collect nature for a collage. Kawai got sap from her leaf all over her hands and it was strong smelling. In the car on the way home I gave her a baby wipe to clean her hands. After many minutes she told me "Mom my hand still stinks so bad and I've wiped them 100 times in Spanish and English!!"

I had to ask: "how do you wipe your hands in Spanish and English?" and then I realized what she meant. She had counted to 100 in both Spanish and English while wiping her hands.

And on the subject of cute phrases, I wish I could capture Alani's sentences but I just cannot. She says so much that I cannot remember all the cute things. Dang.

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